What does “420” mean? Meaning and usage


Do you see the number combination “420” everywhere and don’t know what it’s supposed to stand for? We’ll tell you what’s behind it and how to use it.

Here you can find out what is behind the number series “420”. (Source: yellow2j / depositphotos.com)

This means 420: Code of Cannabis Culture

The number combination “420” is taken from the US and is therefore pronounced “four-twenty”. In American colloquialism, “420” is a code word to identify with cannabis culture or to refer to regular consumption.

The spelling of “420” varies greatly. The variant “4:20” seems to refer more to the time. On the other hand, “4/20” marks the US date, i.e. April 20th of a year. The day is therefore also known as “World Stoner Day”. If you want to celebrate this, you will also find a few suitable film tips here.

Origin from 420

As with most slang terms, why “420” became so popular can never be fully understood. The most famous origin story begins in autumnal California in 1971. The group “The Waldos” hatched a plan to find an abandoned cannabis plantation.


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They agreed to meet at the statue of Louis Pasteur in San Rafael at 4:20 p.m., which in English is written 4:20 pm. Spaced code name of the operation: “4:20 Louis”. This story spread, among other things, through an article in “High Times” magazine and “420” became a symbol for cannabis culture.

“420” is now widespread worldwide as a code for identification with cannabis culture, which also appears on Tinder profiles.

In Germany, the consumption of cannabis has been legal within certain limits since April 1, 2024. These cannabis apps will show you whether and where you can smoke weed in this country.

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