What does Emmanuel Macron intend to do at Fort Brégançon this weekend?

Frederic Michel

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron is at Fort Brégançon for the entire Ascension weekend. An apparently studious stay: the head of state has planned to work on his files and participate in a telephone meeting with the Turkish president.

He too decided to get some fresh air to take advantage of this Ascension bridge. Emmanuel Macron is at Fort Brégançon. The President of the Republic will spend the whole weekend there, to recharge the batteries but also to tackle the burning issues of the moment. The stay will be studious. The president planned to work at his office, on the second floor of the fort. At the end of the morning, he had a telephone meeting scheduled with the Turkish president. Since his first term, the head of state has made a habit of spending this long Ascension weekend at Fort Brégançon, where he also spends the summer with his wife Brigitte Macron.

curious tourists

The president arrived discreetly on Wednesday evening in the Var. These Lille tourists confirm it. “We know he’s there. We asked the question, we were told: affirmative. So we know that the couple is there but we haven’t seen them yet. We’re not going to spend our day here waiting “, they specify jokingly. On the beach overlooking the fort, tourists, informed of the presence of the presidential couple, are rather benevolent. “So I don’t think he’s going to swim on the beach. We’re going to say that we have a bit of a view in common today. It’s fun for the children especially,” they laugh.

“I would like to see him,” whispers a child, who wants to tell the president that he voted for him. And even those who did not vote for the president understand that he likes Brégançon. “It’s quiet, it’s good and it has the sea, the sun and everything, it’s great”, adds a tourist on the beach. “Maybe it will give him a taste for ecology, nature and preservation,” concludes another.

At the moment, there is no information about a possible exit of the president or a meeting with the French.

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