What does “frame drop” mean? meaning and use


You came across the term “framedrop” but don’t know what to do with it? We explain to you what is behind the expression.

Frame drops can take the fun out of gambling. (Source: Krakenimages.com / depositphotos.com)

This means framedrop: drop in frame rate

The abbreviation “framedrop” is often heard in the context of gaming and is made up of the English words “frame rate” for frame rate and “drop” for slump or decrease, i.e. drop in frame rate. The FPS (frames per second) drop is also often mentioned.

What is meant by this is a state in which there is no picture change for a moment and the picture “freezes”. The frame rate or FPS rate is an important factor for a good and smooth gaming experience, which is why many enthusiastic gamers want to keep their FPS as high as possible.


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Causes and consequences of a frame drop

Frame drops can be caused by several factors including outdated graphics cards, processor, insufficient memory, malware and virus attacks, or even hard drive problems.

Frame drops lead to a non-smooth gaming experience: Actions take place much later than they were executed and movements jerk or stutter, which can prove to be a hindrance, especially in multiplayer games. So you can become a real tryharder at framedrops and you may have to flame around a lot.

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