What does it mean “you didn’t stop me”?


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Each week, aufeminin deciphers for you the games that are successful, the rising trends, the favorite objects or the most cryptic expressions of your teenagers … just to be up to date (and finally, understand them).

For this first meeting, we decided to dissect the expression “Tu m’as pas cala”. If you have a 15 year old djeun’s (yes, I’m a yeuve) at home, you can’t help but hear that at least once. But what is this gibberish?

Well, imagine that this expression is much simpler than you think. The word “cala” is actually an abbreviation of the word “calculate”. So when your teenager explains that we don’t have it “Cala” at a party, it is because we did not calculate it, that we kind of ignored / snubbed it. Second example of translation: he. She tells you “I want to see someone tomorrow”, that means “I don’t want to calculate anyone tomorrow. ” Either way, I don’t want to be sociable. Either way, it’s not very cool. Mainly because not wanting to hug someone is not just not wanting to say hello, but rather completely ignoring them, not paying them any attention.

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In addition, some artists have already seized on this expression. Like Bilal Hassani, in his song “qui cala? “. Its refrain is even a repetition of this slang: “But who stalled? who stalled? ohoh Who cala? who stalled? ohoh You’re talking about me but who stuck? Especially not me I do not stall ”. We also find this expression in the song “Lingo” by Eva or in “Faut pas les cala” by Mister You. In short, in the music of artists much younger than us.

Note that this expression can also be written “kala” or even “quala” according to the desires of each one.

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