What does “mansplaining” mean? meaning and use


Unfortunately, “mansplaining” is still commonplace these days. You don’t know what is meant? Here you can find out from us what the term means.

We explain the term “mansplaining” to you. (Source: Tirachard / depositphotos.com)

That means mansplaining: manly and condescending way of explaining something

The abbreviation “mansplaining” is made up of the English words “man” (man) and “explaining” (to explain) and describes men who explain something in a condescending way.

In doing so, they see themselves as having an advantage over others (genders) in their explanation and assume that they know better than their counterparts because of their gender.

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“I’m a man, so I know how it works”, or “No, since you’re a woman, you can’t know, listen to me…” are classic examples of how the unsolicited explanations are made available . “Mansplaining” is sexist, suppresses the opinions of others and can accordingly be described as “toxic” or assigned to “toxic masculinity”. To all the “mansplainers” out there: a warm “fu”.

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