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You’ve come across the term “pocketing” and don’t know what it means? Here you can find out what’s behind it.

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This means pocketing: keeping the romantic partner away from a certain social environment

In the context of dating, the term “pocketing” refers to a situation in which someone is hiding or keeping his or her romantic partner hidden from family, friends, or other significant individuals.

The word origin of “pocketing” is not clearly defined. However, the term probably derives from the literal meaning of the English word “pocket” as it involves keeping one’s partner in a metaphorical pocket and hiding it from others.


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“Pocketing” often occurs when someone is unsure whether the relationship is long-term, or when he or she has concerns or uncertainties about how other people’s reactions might be. This can lead to conflict and emotional distress as the hidden partner may not feel valued or respected. It can also serve as a kind of self-protection mechanism to avoid possible rejection or conflict.

Pocketing is “toxic”

Pocketing is similar to ghosting or mansplaining, toxic. However, “pocketing” can be interpreted differently in different situations. For example, it can mean that someone hides their partner from their own family but introduces him or her to their closest friends. It can also happen that someone hides their partner from all but a select group of people. Ultimately, pocketing is about a person intentionally keeping their partner out of certain social circles.

Examples of “pocketing”:

  • A person is in a long-term relationship but hides their partner from their own family and does not introduce him/her as their partner at family gatherings.
  • Someone has been dating someone for several months, but keeps the relationship a secret from their friends and only goes out with their partner alone.
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