what does “Quoicoubeh”, the star expression of playgrounds really mean

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The word “quoicoubeh” is on the lips of all young people at the moment… But what does it mean? We will explain everything to you !

This is the trendy expression of the moment: “Whatcoubeh” ! In effect, this invented word is everywhere in schoolyards, and no doubt you must have heard it before. And as much to tell you that it is not worth trying to understand the meaning, because there is none ! As explained by the site 20 minutesit is mainlya language game straight out of TikTok, and which is a hit with young people. “Whatcoubeh” is a word that serves as an answer to someone who says “what ?“.”This expression makes no senseit functions more like a trap that closes on the interlocutor“, explains the Orthodidacte site, an online spelling learning platform. “The person who answers ”quoicoubeh” has no intention of participating in the discussion, they are just trying to make fun of the situation“. Always according to 20 minutessame thing when a person answers us “eh ?“, you must then retort “apayinye”. A whole program…

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The current trend

These days, what is trendy is necessarily found on social networks. And so unsurprisingly, these expressions that have neither head nor tail, notably invaded TikTok. They have been popularized by @camskolavache, says La Vache, followed by 186,000 people on the famous Chinese application. In various videos, we discover him trapping his teachers, his friends or his family. Comment: he jabbers a sentence so that we can answer him “what ?” Where “eh ?“, and from there he swings his invented words like the famous “Whatcoubeh” or “Apanyae“. The hashtags #quoicoubeh and #apayinye generate today 12.3 million and 2.4 million views. It remains to be seen how long this trend will last. What is certain is that for the moment, it’s all “Quoicoubeh”!

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