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Richard Gere has made several notable appearances this summer. The 72-year-old actor has changed a lot since Pretty Woman and American Gigolo.

In the long list of actors who have charmed generations of spectators, there is Harrison Ford, Kevin Costner, Pierce Brosnan, or Richard Gere. In this month of August 2022, Richard Gere honored several events with its presence, particularly in Spain. Among other things, he was present at the 19th “Magna Graecia” film festival in Catanzaro, during which he received an honorary award for his entire career. He also went to the Starlite Gala party in Marbella on August 14, 2022. He was accompanied each time by his wife Alejandra Silva.

It is clear that the actor of Pretty Woman has changed. The American actor who subscribes to romantic comedies (Shall We dance, Just Maried, Autumn in New York, Chicago) is now 72 years old. If he already had graying temples in 1990 in the cult film with Julia Roberts, today he displays perfectly white hair.

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Richard Gere, young dad at 72

Hollywood’s most famous “Silver Fox” became a late father. The actor had many affairs in the 80s, then was married to Cindy Crawford until 1994. He then “landed” and in 2000, his model partner Carey Lowell gave birth to his first child Homer James Jigme. Richard Gere was then 51 years old.

The couple divorced in 2013. Two years later, Richard Gere met Spanish businesswoman Alejandra Silva. They got married in 2018 and welcomed two children: Alexander in February 2019, and a second little boy in April 2020. Richard Gere is now 72, the father of two young children.

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