What does the Republican Action Force consist of, this system defended by Gabriel Attal in Valence?

Arthur De Laborde // Photo credit: Nicolas Guyonnet / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal was visiting Valence, in Drome, on Friday. The city has stood out in recent months for the rise in drug trafficking in certain areas. On site, the head of government came to defend the Republican Action Force, a system supposed to reconquer the most sensitive neighborhoods.

It was an express visit. This Friday, Gabriel Attal was in Valencia for a progress report on his consultations on juvenile delinquency. The Prime Minister also defended the Far, the Republican Action Force, deployed in the town of Drôme.

This system, Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise, aims to concentrate all the efforts of state services for several months in neighborhoods in difficulty. Its missions are multiple: reestablishing public order, treating delinquency at the root, fighting against dropping out of school or even promoting integration. Concretely, the FAR brings together police officers, finance officials, magistrates, and social staff from National Education or public health.

Four clearly defined objectives

The State is supporting its deployment with additional human and financial resources. And Matignon highlights an innovative approach: starting from the field, and not from Paris. The Far is in fact managed locally by the triptych: mayor, prefect and prosecutor.

In Valencia, four priority objectives have been defined: fight against trafficking, reduce separatism, reconquer collective spaces and act for young people. In addition to Valence, the system is currently being tested in Besançon and Maubeuge, three cities which were severely affected by the riots in June.

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