What does “you dead that” mean?


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For this new “T’as la ref?”, We wanted to dissect the famous expression “t’as dead ça”, heard over and over again in the mouths of our dear teenagers. But what does that mean exactly?

This little sentence is a pure French expression. Word “dead ” comes from English, which means “dead”. So say like that right away we panic a little, but we reassure you, no your child does not indulge in satanic rituals. In reality, “dead ” is used in this case to mean “You killed that!”, “You tore everything up there!” Where Again “You assured”. The meaning is very positive. If one day your teenager says to you “mom you did the marathon, you really dead that”, understand that you have done well and that you have a certain talent in what you have just done. Clearly, your teenager is proud of you, you are the queen on this one! And you are not the only one.

It was the new queen of French r’n’b, Aya Nakamura, who popularized this expression in 2018. She used it in the chorus of her song, “Djadja”, a real planetary hit: “I’m not your whore Djadja, like, in catchana baby, you dead that. Oh Djadja (Djadja). There is no way Djadja (Djadja) ”. Guest of the Question box on Canal +, the artist had even given his own definition of “You dead that”: “you do it too well, what you did is a crazy thing”.

In a completely different register, the French rapper Alrima also used the expression a few years earlier, in 2015, for the release of his clip “Dead ça”, taken from the album Le Doigt du Roi.

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