what fine and penalty if I don’t have it?

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The Crit’Air sticker is making more and more headlines with the expansion of certain ZFEs and the creation of new ones in several cities from July 1st. What are you really risking if you don’t put it on your windshield?

Appeared in 2017 to better regulate air pollution, Crit’Air thumbnail is mandatory in EPZ – THE Low Emission Zones -, urban areas where traffic is restricted to the newest and least polluting vehicles. To distinguish the vehicles from each other, this sticker is certified by a number ranging from 1 to 5 (not counting the sticker reserved for electric or hydrogen vehicles), the Crit’Air 5 sticker being dedicated to the oldest and most polluting vehicles. The primary motivation is to keep these vehicles as far away as possible from cities for public health reasons.

The Crit’Air sticker is currently making a lot of noise with the announcement in recent days of the expansion of certain ZFEs already existing in several major cities on July 1, such as Lyon and Grenoble, and the creation of new ones in Clermont-Ferrand , on the same date. Because “checks are more and more numerous and will soon be automated to verbalize offenders even more easily” noted Auto More. What do you really risk if you drive in a ZFE without a sticker affixed to the windscreen?

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Where to order your Crit’Air sticker?

Our colleagues recall that in the event of an inspection, a sworn agent is able to establish a traffic ticket. In this case, you geta third class fineto know 68€. This can be reduced in the case of a quick payment, up to €45; or increased by €180, if you pay late. The rule is the same for all motorists, including two-wheelers and utilities. “The fine is higher for heavy goods vehicles and coaches: it amounts to 135 euros” furthermore specify Auto More. Also note that the authorities are able to increase the penalty by forcing you to immobilization of the vehicle and to his Impoundment. However, in fact, few cases of this type have been reported… for the moment.

If you do not yet have a Crit’Air sticker, it is possible to order it directly online on the government website, it is sent to the address shown on the vehicle registration document. It costs €3.72. We can not remind you too much to be vigilant because the fraudulent advertisements on the web are very numerous. At least as much as fake PV scams that could make you lose a lot of money…


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