what Garance Mutuelle has in store for you for its euro funds

This is good news for the 270,000 members of Garance Mutuelle. The 2022 yields of this insurer’s euro funds have increased. And the choice of units of account will more than double.

In 2022, Garance’s euro funds yielded (slightly) more than in previous years. The mutual has just announced its rates for 2022 and, unsurprisingly, they are on the rise.

The remuneration of the Garance euro fund for the year 2022 is rising 2.8%, net of management fees. A remuneration that applies both to multi-support life insurance and to the retirement savings plan (PER). As a reminder, in 2021, the mutual had served as 2.75% on its life insurance policy Garance pargne and 2.50% on his PER Garance Srnit頻.

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What should we think of these new rates? In 2021, the returns of Garance’s euro funds had clearly exceeded the average performance (1.28%) of euro funds. They should again be at the top of the basket in 2022.

According to experts, the yields of euro funds could indeed be between 1.7% and 2%. Either 0.4% 0.7% increase over one year. At issue: inflation and the rise in European Central Bank (ECB) rates, which propelled the Livret A rate from 0.5% 2% within a few months. However, insurance companies want to preserve the image of life insurance as an attractive product, explained Gildas Robert, director of actuarial and financial consulting for the consulting firm Optimind during an interview. Consequently, the latter have every interest in drawing on their reserves to increase the yields of euro funds.

But do nothing. Despite these increases, euro funds should remain less attractive than Livret A, the rate of which will increase further in February. These boosted rates won’t be enough either (far from it) to protect your savings from soaring prices. And for good reason: over one year, inflation should reach 7% in January, according to INSEE estimates.

Another novelty: Garance has worked in partnership with fund selection specialist Quantalys to expand its range of unit-linked products. While the offer only offered 18 racks so far, it now has about forty and covers many asset classes, in active or passive management, says Garance.

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