What happened there, Hans? – “Criminal” Krankl: Photo shows “escort”

Didi Kühbauer was able to beat his ex-club Rapid Vienna with LASK 2-1 on Sunday – and yet Hans Krankl made the biggest headlines in Pasching. After the final whistle of the game, the “Goleador” hit a police officer with his car. The consequence: Surrounded by police officers, Krankl was taken to the stadium’s operations room, where the 69-year-old was then interrogated. A photo that is available to the “Krone” now documents the scenes.

Just when he was joking with Kühbauer, the Sky expert had to answer questions from the local police a few minutes later. What happened there, Hans? Not only football fans are wondering. According to a broadcast from the state police headquarters, officials wanted to ensure a coordinated departure for the thousands of fans who had come to the Bundesliga hit when one of them was hit by a “69-year-old Viennese” at 7:21 p.m .Krankl confirmed to the “Krone” – as reported in detail – that the car driver was himself. The photo now proves that the “Goleador” was “escorted” by the police. “There was no reason to stop me” His comment on the incident: “I wanted to turn right from the parking lot and was stopped by a police officer who told me , I would have to wait because the Rapid fans are taken away by bus first. But the road was clear and there was no reason to stop me. The officer then asked for my vehicle papers and said that I had been arrested. “Krankl was then led into a room “like a serious criminal”, where two detectives explained to him that he could walk again. Nevertheless, the surveys are still ongoing… The fact that the former ÖFB team boss, after he had already hit an officer “until he made contact”, also – as the state police department writes – rolled off at two other police officers, he does not want to let stand. “Everyone who knows me knows that I would never endanger a police officer,” said Krankl, who still regrets the “stupid story”.
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