what happens to Clara, candidate for season 7 and daughter of Jonathan Bermudes?

In three days, Secret Story will be back on TF1. Every week, candidates, who were complete strangers, will be scrutinized throughout France through this legendary television program. After the show, some of them become truly famous, others fall into oblivion… We found Clara, a candidate from season 7 of whom we had not lost track.

The legendary reality TV program Secret Story makes its big return to the channel from April 23, at 11:30 p.m. From April 24, the cult reality TV show will then have a daily, broadcast at 5:30 p.m. every day, except Sunday. So here we go again for a brand new season where we will see candidates evolve, who all have a secret that they try to hide as long as possible. All this under the watchful eye of other candidates and viewers. It’s far from simple and some people have to use sometimes incredible stratagems so that no one finds their secret.

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The daily broadcast of Secret Story, will allow you to follow what happened in the house of secrets, so as not to miss any of the twists and turns and new links that are created between these candidates who don’t know each other at all. And as we haven’t been able to see it in the different seasons, it can go from love to hatred… Friday will be the day when we will know the name of the eliminated candidate. The loser of Secret Story will be announced on Friday at 6:30 p.m. but the entire debrief part will be followed on the TF1+ platform so as not to disrupt the channel’s programs too much.

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The improbable secrets of certain candidates

It is obviously the secrets of the candidates that make the show Secret Story so thrilling. And casting directors, however, sometimes lack inspiration, and select candidates with secrets that are quite easy to find. This was precisely the case of Fanny Maurer, a participant in season 6, whose secret was to have her body covered in tattoos. And since she had it absolutely everywhere, except on her face, she had to constantly slather herself with a lot of makeup so that no one would guess her secret. But she was quickly unmasked by Caroline, an insightful candidate from season 6.

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Conversely, some candidates really have unsuspected secrets and we even wonder how the show’s team was able to find them. This was for example the case of Clara, candidate for season 7 of Secret Story. The pretty brunette had the secret of being the daughter of a celebrity from the 1980s well known for her song with a certain David. If we tell you “Are you coming for the holidays, I haven’t changed my address…” and you are between 30 and 40 years old, you obviously know the singers of this song! It is David and Jonathan, of course. And Clara is therefore the daughter of Jonathan Bermudes, better known under the name of Jonathan tout short.

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A life full of twists and turns for Clara

Since the end of season 7, Clara has not participated in other reality shows but has remained active on social media thereafter. In 2017, she was the victim of a fairly serious horse riding accident and Internet users had given her a lot of support via her networks. “I simply want to reassure you about my state of health and the reasons for my hospitalization, following a fall from a horse, I fractured my spine. The pain is indeed excruciating but I am lucky to be in a decade where medicine is very modern. My operation went well, Thank you for your support. she then wrote on Twitter.

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After these misadventures, she then became pregnant in 2019, at just 23 years old and she is now the mother of a little boy named Andréa, now 4 years old.. While he celebrated his 3 months, she declared on her Instagram account “Thanks to you Andrea, I feel strong and useful (…)A simple smile can make me forget my worries, you will always have a place in my heart, in my life, in my soul and that all your life. (…) I wanted you to know that you transformed me. You don’t know what love is until you experience it. I am a happy mother and that is thanks to you. Happy birthday my love.”

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