what happens to Gautier, the handsome finalist of season 7?

Secret Story is back soon. The opportunity to return to a candidate who left his mark on the reality TV show. This is Gautier, finalist of season 7 who has fallen back into anonymity since his time in the adventure of the House of Secrets.

Secret Story will make its return next week ! It will be this Tuesday, April 23, 2024 to the delight of early fans. It is at 11:30 p.m. that viewers will be able to follow the first steps of new candidates in this season 12 of the famous TF1 program.

Starting Wednesday, April 24, the daily tele-hook show will be broadcast every day, Saturday included, at 5:30 p.m. Christophe Beaugrand will present the reality TV show for a fourth consecutive year. All that’s missing is to discover the casting as well as the secrets of this new season.

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“I am the secret common to all the inhabitants”

Some candidates marked Internet users more than others since the start of the program launched in 2007 and hosted at the time by Benjamin Castaldi. One of them was called Gautier Préaux and participated in the 7th edition of Secret Story. His enigma, “I am the secret common to all the inhabitants“, had greatly intrigued.

His angelic face was also a hit with the public. He finally finished second in the adventure in 2013 behind Anaïs Camizuli and pocketed more than 13,000 euros. Originally from Périgord, Gautier is today fell back into anonymity since many years. Not very present on social networks, he did not choose to continue his story with reality TV like many other people do.

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DJ for many years

In an interview given to Sud Ouest recently, he recalled his experience at Secret Story. It is especially his return at home which had been difficult to live with sometimes. “You don’t really know who to turn to or who is sincere. We see you like a flowerpot. I wondered why they thought that, but I couldn’t blame them.“, he explained.

Today he works as DJ for several years. He also revealed that he had new projects including that of creating a new musical entertainment application with DJ Stan. At the same time, he hosts numerous events and plans to create a DJ school in Bergarac. After Secret Story, the young man had made a few appearances in The Mag on NRJ12 before choosing another route.


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