what happens to his two eldest sons Sean and Jayden?


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Britney Spears became a very young mother. The two sons of the singer have grown well and are now teenagers.

After 13 years of conservatorship, Britney Spears has won her legal battle against her father. The mythical star of the 2000s seems since to find a taste for happiness. It is with Sam Asghari that Britney shares her life. In a relationship since 2016, Britney and Sam Asghari got engaged in September 2021. They were preparing to become parents this fall. The singer had expressed her desire to have other children. Only at the time, she was still under guardianship and couldn’t because of the strict court agreement. Now detached from the authority of her father, Britney Spears takes advantage of her freedom. Thus five months after being released from her guardianship, she announced her third pregnancy. “I took a pregnancy test…and uhhhhh well…I’m having a baby!” she wrote in the caption of the post on Instagram which has more than 1.7 million likes.

A few weeks later, the singer had unfortunately announced that she had had a miscarriage. A news that saddened his relatives including his two eldest sons Sean and Jayden, who have grown well.

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Sean and Jayden are two very independent boys

Britney’s two sons are from her first marriage to Kevin Federline. Sean, his eldest son, is 16 years old and is a real basketball fanatic. He supports the Lakers and went to one of their games in 2017. The young man seemed very happy to attend the meeting as did his little brother Jayden who was also present. It must be said that he too is a sports fan although he is more interested in music. A passion he inherits from his mother who was the queen of pop for 10 years. This passion manifests itself through the practice of the piano, an instrument that the 15-year-old young man has mastered for more than four years.

Whether Britney Spears is thrilled to see her two sons grow and thrive, she regrets that they grew up so fast. It was via an Instagram post that the interpreter of Toxic spoke about her role as a mother. “It’s crazy how time flies. My boys are so big now” she said already nostalgic. On his sons birthday in September 2021, Britney Spears had published a photo on her social networks accompanied by a very touching text. She explained that Sean and Jayden had a very free spirit and wanted to emancipate themselves, much to her chagrin. “Unfortunately they grow up and want to do their own thing. I have to ask their permission before posting anything about them because they have grown into very independent young boys.” Aware of the dangers of media exposure, the two teenagers are very discreet and post very little on social networks.

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