what happens to Jonathan, a participant in season 3 with Einstein’s IQ?

With the return with great fanfare of Secret Story on TF1 this Tuesday, April 23, the profiles of the former participants in the show resurface. This is the case of Jonathan, a participant in season 3 whose secret was to have Einstein’s IQ.

This Tuesday, April 23 at 11:30 p.m., viewers will be able to discover the new candidates for the 2024 edition of Secret Story. One question remains, will the new participants make an impression like the previous ones?

There is no doubt in announcing that Secret Story 3 is one of the editions with one of the most iconic casts of all seasons of Secret Story. In this season, there was Emilie Nef Naf, big winner of Secret Story 3Cindy Lopes, François-Xavier or even Daniela Martins. Most of them continued to be talked about even after the adventure. Among the many adventures of this 3rd season, a love triangle has been the center of attention during a large part of the adventure. They are Jonathan, Daniela and Sabrina. But today, what happened to Jonathan, the participant whose secret was to have Einstein’s IQ?

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What happened to Jonathan (Secret Story 3)?

At the end of his adventure in Secret Story 3Jonathan participated in season 2 of Reality TV Angels. In this new participation in a reality TV show, Jonathan’s objective was to become an actor, a dream that he gave up because it didn’t work out. On the other hand, Jonathan continued in modeling, notably by becoming the muse of the prestigious brand Creamy.

It is in the USA that Jonathan is currently flourishing for several years in the company of his wife and their two children. A little girl and a boy whom he welcomed with his current partner, a professional dancer known as Snow Urbin on Instagram.

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A life far from television screens

Unlike many former reality TV candidates and in particular having participated in Secret Story like Emilie Nef Naf or Daniela Martins, Jonathan did not leave no trace of him on social networks. In fact, the former candidate from season 3 does not have an Instagram account like many other participants in the show.

Fortunately, his wife Snow Urbin, whose real name is Snejana Urbin, shares many moments of the little family’s life on her Instagram account. The opportunity for those nostalgic for Secret Story to be able to have news of the former candidate who marked the third season of the flagship TF1 show.

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