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Emmanuel Macron, as head of state, is a public figure. However, there are subjects that he rarely, if ever, addresses in his speeches. His biographer says more.

He talks about politics and all that derives from it, but on certain subjects, Emmanuel Macron is much more modest. Due to his status as a public figure, some would like to revel in more information about the private life of the head of state. However, if there is indeed a subject on which the President of the Republic does not like to pour out his heart, that’s the one. This is what his biographer Corinne Lhaïk recently confirmed: “He is very secretive, he does not like to talk about the intimate. Maybe he thinks women are more prone to erupting the emotional. He wants to stay away from that.” The co-author with Éric Mandonnet of the book Night falls twice adds that “Sibeth Ndiaye or Élisabeth Borne, considered warriors, agree with the idea he has of working relationships, devoid of affect. The reason ? “He keeps it for his wife and his family.”.

The one with whom he shares everything, his most intimate doubts and joys, it is his wife, Brigitte Macron. According to his biographer, their relationship the height of love : “She gives him all the affection and love he needs. It gives him great strength. Brigitte Macron also compensates for her flaws. When he is lyrical and gets carried away, she brings him back to reality. This is his ground. It fills the whole emotional palette. No need to look elsewhere.”

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Emmanuel Macron: his family as a second wind

Emmanuel Macron is also very close to the rest of his family. He is still struggling to accept the loss of his grandmother, the one he nicknamed “Manette”. If this establishment director had nothing of a sweet granny, she brought him the framework and the rigor he needed. As a child, he enjoyed spending his Sundays at her house, snuggled up in her arms. Emmanuel Macron speaks little about it, but it would be the latter that would have given him a taste for work but also for reading. Now that Manette has gone to grandmother’s paradise, the Head of State certainly appreciates spend his Sundays with the children of Brigitte Macron, to whom he is very close.

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