What if the Disney princesses were round?

To denounce the lack of diversity in fairy tales, several plus size models have decided to wear the dresses of the famous Disney princesses and at the same time demand a fairer representation of curvy women.

by Helena Ergisi

Since we were children, the image we have of the princess has been a tall, slender woman with long hair. In short, a perfect woman who makes all little girls dream! The problem is that they identify from an early age with these sublime princesses and want to look like them when they are absolutely not a reflection of reality. If you were a curvy little girl, you might have felt different from everyone else because you didn't have that slender body that was touted as the “norm”. To denounce the lack of diversity of curvy women in Disney cartoons, influencer and plus size model Natasha Polis had the very good idea to launch the #PlusSizePrincessProject.

Our body is clearly under-represented

What if Disney's were more inclusive?

As part of her project, Natasha Polis therefore asked several plus size influencers to pose in the dresses of the famous Disney princesses. Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Vaiana … All have agreed to put themselves in the shoes of their favorite princess in order to underline the lack of inclusiveness in Disney films, and at the same time demand a better representation. curvy women. "We take up more space than most, but our bodies are clearly under-represented in the media"Natasha said in a post on her Instagram account.

Inclusive, benevolent and realistic, the photos from this shoot deserve to be looked at by all little girls. Today, young girls should be able to recognize themselves by looking at their favorite Disney princess and this photoshoot offers precisely a message full of hope: no matter her morphology, her style or her skin color, every little girl has the right to imagine yourself as a princess and even become one.

"Anna and Elsa represent a strong brotherly bond that she and I share. We would really do anything for each other, so it was so exciting for us to be able to bring that feeling to life! I know that seeing someone who had a body type like mine when I was a young girl would have changed my life."Michaela McGrady told Bored Panda. For the project, the young woman had put on Anna's dress. So when will a Disney princess with shapes?

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