What if we were introduced to the tantric gaze to strengthen our relationship?

What if prolonged eye contact could benefit your relationship? Discover the tantric gaze exercise that improves intimacy in 30 seconds.

For many of us, tantric sex comes down to a bit of a high concept. However, as soon as we move away from the theories and move on to practice, this discipline proves to be as accessible as it is enriching. Today, moreover, we speak of neo-tantrism more than tantrism, an approach more suited to our modern world. Even pop culture is bringing tantra up to date! If you’ve watched Sexify, the hit Polish female pleasure series on Netflix, one of the scenes between Monika and her boyfriend highlights a tantric ritual based on the power of gaze. An exercise that allows the couple to increase their intimacy and connection and improve their confidence.

The tantric gaze, a simple but powerful exercise

Rituals are very present in tantra, and it invites to experience the power of the gaze. It is well known: the eyes are the mirror of the soul. This exercise involves looking his / her partner in the eye for a long time. It sounds simple, but it is actually a powerful and intimate practice that can help you strengthen your bonds. Looking each other in the eye would, among other things, make an emotional connection, build more trust in the relationship, and spend time together. You will see for yourself by trying it, this ritual is not that easy and can even be very emotional and unsettling.

How to practice the tantric gaze?

There are many ways to look each other in the eye. Here is one:

  • Make yourself comfortable in a room you enjoy.
  • Sit across from each other. You can hold hands or touch each other if you want.
  • Breathe deeply, close your eyes, then open them and meet your partner’s gaze.
  • For 30 seconds, do just that and nothing else. It doesn’t matter if you laugh, cry, or whatever, but do your best to maintain strong eye contact.

Obviously, we do not speak. The goal of this exercise is to establish a connection through the gaze. If this is very uncomfortable for you, start with a shorter session. According to Holly Richmond, sex therapist queried by the site Well + Good, you have to play the game in the long term to see the effects and achieve a more confident, more intimate and, yes, more sexual relationship.

Video: How to get started with tantric sex?

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