what is a “pokemon booster”?


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For this new “T’as la ref?”, We would like to explain the principle of “pokemon boosters”Often used by young people lately. Don’t you really know what that word means? We help you see more clearly. Be careful because it could be on your child’s Christmas wishlist!

For children, the phenomena of games in school recess are constantly evolving. Marbles, hide and seek, spinning top, Pokémon cards, Yu-Gi-Ho cards … For teens, trends on social networks are also changing very quickly. But what is still present today is the Pokémon cards … For many years, Pokémon cards have been exchanged in the playground, are collected … Despite the passage of time, they remain beautiful and good fashionable. You should know that each Pokémon represents an imaginary animal character that has its own strengths and weaknesses. Cards are more or less rare. We tell you more.
Since 1996 and the creation of Pokémon in Japan, series have followed one another as well as derivative products. But what are the principles of Pokémon cards? How do you play Pokémon?

Rules of the Game

Pokémon is a whole universe. Films, series, board games, video games, books… There is plenty to do. Among all the cards, there are 3 kinds of cards:

  • Pokémon cards,
  • energy cards
  • trainer cards.

The child can choose to make a collection of Pokémon cards. The cards are protected in a card holder notebook or in a Pokébox, which allows the child to quickly visualize the extent of his collection. To expand his collection, the child can get a booster which is a set of ten Pokémon cards. It is therefore possible to buy cards, even if the price of some can be very important. The other way to get cards is to trade. Indeed, as in any collection, you can exchange Pokémon cards depending on the type of card you are looking for. It will then be necessary to make sure to exchange cards of identical values. Pokémon cards can also be used as a real game. If the rules of the game sometimes seem complicated for parents, it is often because in the playground, children do not necessarily follow all the rules.

The game plays out like any other card game. The player must have an opponent. We are talking about a fight between Pokémon trainers. Each trainer has the same goal: to win fights. The deck is a very important step in the game because it is the set of 60 cards that the player will have selected upstream from all of his cards in order to play. He makes a selection according to the power of the cards. We can find decks already made. You can also modify the starting deck so that it is as efficient as possible. Turn after turn, the player and his opponent use cards to achieve the best possible attack.

The booster, a phenomenon on social networks

Whether on Youtube or Tiktok, teens love to share the opening of their deck of cards or watch others do it. In reality, this pack of cards is a booster. During the Z event (A charity project aimed at bringing together French-speaking streamers in order to collect donations that will support a charity.), Yououtubeur Michou has repeatedly shared the opening of some of his boosters.

Each booster contains a random assortment of:

  • 6 community cards
  • 3 uncommon cards
  • 1 rare card

Each booster contains a parallel foil card among the 10 cards, and sometimes also contains a special foil card. There is always at least one foil card in each booster.

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