What is a twin flame and how do you recognize it?

The twin flames represent one and the same soul which was divided and separated at its creation. Your twin flame is your real half, the one who completes you and helps you get to know yourself better. How to recognize it? What is the difference with a soul mate? Explanations.

You've probably heard the expression “soul mate” before, but have you heard of “twin flame”? A term that is circulating more and more on the internet, and which intrigues as much as it fascinates. The twin flames, they are two identical souls which were divided at the time of the birth of a single flame, so as to join two different physical bodies. Some mediums claim that we all have a twin flame meant for us, others think that soul twinning is very rare. Not everyone believes in this concept, it all depends on your relationship to the spirituality.

You will likely have a lot of soulmates, but only one twin flame. The union of twin flames leads to theunconditional love, a love without conditions or judgment, often mentioned in connection with the love of a parent for his child. But to achieve this feeling, the twin flames have to go through some sort of initiatory path.

What is a twin flame?

Twin flames are born from the birth of one flame, at the same time and in the same way, unlike soul mates born separately. Once created, the flame splits to embody two beings each possessing their own personality, but above all complementary energies: one yin, and the other yang. During this split, an original wound is created energetically in each soul. “Each has an original wound, one is the wound of abandonment, the other the wound of rejection. These injuries will color their entire personal history and twin flame ”, explains Marie Sahuguede, medium, soul awakening and author of the book Twin flames, experience unconditional love (The lotus and the elephant), to be released February 3, 2021.

To be twin flame is therefore to have a "soul twin". Each of the twin flames carries the energy that the other lacks. “Twin flames are souls incarnate. The meeting of these two people awakens their special bond. This causes physical, emotional, energetic manifestations, a very strong magnetic attraction. It is an overwhelming meeting for both of us ", confides the author.

Twin flames, a karmic relationship

To better understand the notion of twin flame, we must be interested in the karmic relationship and reincarnation. The karmic encounter refers to the reunion of two souls who had a link in a previous life. "A twin flame relationship is said to be karmic, that is to say, it unites two people by a contract of incarnation", writes Marie Sahuguede. Moreover, it is not necessarily about a romantic relationship. Your Twin Flame can just as easily be a friend or a best friend. The connection between the two flames is not necessarily romantic.

Each twin flame relationship is made up of a runner, which leaks, and a chaser, who runs after the fleeing one. The first will put a veil in front of his eyes as to the nature of the bond that unites him to the other, while the second will do everything to pick up the pieces with the first at the time of separation.

Soul mate and twin flame, what are the differences?

"The soul mate bond is just as strong a bond, but it is all the same sweeter, comforting, soothing", remarks Marie Sahuguede. "The mirror effect is still there, but the bond between people is softer, more positive. Indeed, a soul mate will tend to "show" the positive, the qualities and not always dismiss the wounds. It is also a link of evolution but based on the positive and not necessarily on the deep awakening of wounds ". Unlike soulmates who are born separately, twin flames are born together and then split into two. It is possible to have multiple soul mates, but you only have one twin flame. In addition, the meeting with your twin flame is often unique and intense, crossing the path of the latter can upset, even change a life.

The Soul Mate and the Twin Flame serve different purposes. The higher goal of a soul mate relationship is the growth and evolution of consciousness, while the goal of twin flames is to discover oneself and access unconditional love of oneself, but also of the other, and create a vibration for themselves and for humanity.

How do you recognize your twin flame?

At first, you may see the same signs as with your soul mate. However, very quickly, misunderstandings will arise. This is completely normal: the harmony of this karmic link is difficult since one forms the yin energy while the other forms the yang energy. "When awakening the bond the energetic, physical and emotional feelings are very intense. It's a feeling never before known, the notion of time stops, everything is very clear, but very quickly emotional chaos rises to the surface of the twin flames, which causes separation ", specifies the soul awakener. But other physical signs and sensations can occur, "Like the feeling of already knowing this person, of feeling attracted when" physically "it is not your type, a mediumship can wake up, frequent lucid dreams …", she explains.

In her book, Marie Sahuguede makes a list of these manifestations. We have, among others:

  • a strong attraction towards the other, without it being only physical
  • a feeling of déjà vu / already known and a certain familiarity
  • a feeling of appeasement, of wholeness with the other, when we hardly know the person
  • easy to confide
  • many synchronicities in their life course
  • a feeling of not being yourself, both in behavior and in feelings that can sometimes emerge
  • sudden palpitations, a feeling of heat in the body

A non-exhaustive and generalist list, because “each meeting is unique”, recalls the author.

The twin flame fusion stages

There are 7 stages in the Twin Flame Fusion Course. But for Marie Sahuguede, "It is important to understand that if these stages are the main lines common to all the twin flames, it nonetheless remains a personal journey and linked to its own history".

The meeting between the two people can be brief but very intense.

Your soul recognizes its double. “The awakening of the twin flame bond generates intense energetic, physical and emotional phenomena. Recognition can also be experienced at the time of the meeting. The couple lives in perfect harmony ”, explains the specialist.

  • 3. Repulsion / crisis

"The egotistical behaviors (fears, beliefs, etc.) linked to soul wounds are awakening, tensions appear, the couple has difficulty being together. "

  • 4. The dark night of the soul / separation

“The separation very often leads one of the twin flames in a deep upheaval, ill-being, so much the wounds which are revealed are painful. The beginning of working on yourself begins to be able to get better and get by ", says Marie Sahuguede. A step which may require the help of a therapist, and which requires kindness and self-love.

  • 5. Let go and trust

“This twin flame has to learn to let go and let go of control over his other twin flame who will begin his energetic / physical / emotional and spiritual work. "

"The twin flames meet again after the separation, to rub shoulders again", explains the author. And add: “Being in a relationship with your twin flame is not the priority. It is therefore not a failure if contacts are broken. The path of the twin flames is to find oneself again ”.

The flames live above all the union and the fusion in themselves. “Each is wholeness within oneself, on subtle and earthly planes. The union can then take place ".

Watch out for toxic relationships

However, be careful not to confuse an abusive / toxic relationship with the twin flame relationship. The latter is often described as "difficult" or intense, but does not call for physical or psychological violence. In the twin flame relationship, the main danger may be falling into emotional dependence. Marie Sahuguede speaks in her book of “false twin flames”. These are emotional dependence, savior / saved relationships or toxic relationships with a narcissistic pervert.
A relationship between twin flames, no matter how emotionally disturbing, should not bring you more pain than well-being. If in any doubt about the toxic nature of your relationship persists, don't hesitate to seek help from a loved one and a therapist.

Thanks to Marie Sahuguede, medium and soul awakener, author of Flames twins, live unconditional love (Le lotus et l'éphant editions).