What is DossierFacile, this free service that wants to help you in your real estate process?

Samir Rahmoun

June 04, 2023 at 1:43 p.m.


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The State is committed to trying to streamline the procedures in real estate rental, thanks to the DossierFacile tool.

If there is a challenge for many people living in large cities, it is to be able to find housing. Between tenants who must meet high standards and landlords worried about selecting a falsified file, trust is lacking, affecting contract signatures. Reason why the State offers its mediation.

A certification of the file by the State.

Digitization has also imposed itself in recent years in the world of real estate. For those who want to facilitate their rental management, there are nowadays many solutions, like Locagestion. But the use of the digital tool in the sector does not stop there, as shown by the State Start-up attached to the Ministry of Ecological Transition and
Territorial Cohesion, called DossierFacile.

The latter, established in 2018, makes it possible to obtain, in 24 hours, a certification of the authenticity of the documents in the file submitted by a rental candidate. To do this, the latter only has to open an account from FranceConnect for example, then to send the documents which will then be checked manually and by crossing the tax data.

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Already a success?

Could DossierFacile become inevitable in the future? In five years, the service has been able to process some 250,000 files, while increasing its visibility over time. Available on LocService, and since last year on the Fastt platform, it has also just taken a new step, in particular thanks to a partnership with the French number 1 for ads between individuals, Pap.fr.

When you send your file directly to the owner and it is refused, most often, you don’t get an answer and you don’t know the reason. Whereas with DossierFacile, the tenant knows precisely which piece is missing or illegible », explains the project manager Arthur Hatchuel. Another advantage, as a public service, DossierFacile is free for users.

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