What is Pueraria mirifica and what can do Pueraria mirifica


The medicinal plant with the habitual name Pueraria mirifica is considered an effective therapy during menopause. What is it?


What is Pueraria mirifica?

Pueraria mirifica (also known as Kwao Krua Kao) comes from Thailand and, although relatively unknown, is already available as a cream, body lotion, gel, oil, powder, soap or as a capsule. In Thailand one knows the tuber above all dried and ground. Pueraria mirifica is supposed to be a kind of fountain of youth for men and women, to soften wrinkles, to bring energy and energy – but there are no solid proofs for this. And the medicinal plant is also said to have a positive effect on menopausal symptoms . So are to improve complaints in the menopause by the medicinal plant.


Pueraria mirifica in menopause

Pueraria mirifica contains the phytoestrogen Miroestrol. These phytochemicals have a similar structure to the estrogens of the female sex hormones. In a 2004 study by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Thailand, 48 subjects were in perimenopause and postmenopausal divided into two groups. One group received 50 mg of Pueraria mirifica per day, the other 100 mg of the plant per day for a total of 6 months. 37 participants participated until the end. Result: While the subjects were able to alleviate the menopausal symptoms –  yet the scope of the study is much too small and also lacked a placebo group to deliver really meaningful results, From an application without medical advice should therefore be waived in any case!