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Some people like hot showers while others prefer a little cooler to invigorate themselves, but not all water temperatures are good for our skin. Which do you prefer in the shower? We get back to you!

Experts like dermatologists, make-up artists and hairdressers regularly prove it to us, in terms of beauty reflexes, we are sometimes bad students without even knowing it. On the hygiene side too, what we think is good for us may not necessarily be adapted to our real needs.

Among these daily habits that sometimes do our skin more harm than good, there is one essential: taking a shower. Yes, even the way we wash can be a problem for our skin if we do not use a shower product that corresponds to the sensitivity of your skin type, and, above all, that you take your shower with it. water that is not at a skin-friendly temperature. If in summer, we tend to lower the temperature to cool off against the heat, at this time as winter approaches, we do not hesitate to raise the temperature drastically to warm up our body and relax afterwards. having spent the day in the cold. And as the temperatures drop outside, we opt for hotter and hotter water. But if this reflex brings immediate comfort, it is not the best if you will. keep pretty skin. Explanations.

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The harm of hot showers on your skin

As highlighted by dermatologist Robert Anolik, interviewed by Vogue US magazine, showers taken in too hot water can damage the natural protective barrier of our skin (the famous hydrolipidic film), the very one that protects our epidermis. external attacks: “It (too hot water) causes inflammation which can lead to disruption of the normal skin barrier “ he explains before adding that “such high water temperatures can also wash away the skin’s natural oils, so important for retaining moisture.“. Redness, itching, feelings of tightness after the shower: the skin of the whole body can then suffer from discomfort and dehydration. Not ideal for displaying soft and luminous skin! In other words, warming up with help a shower that is too hot is far from the ideal solution even in the dead of winter. It would only make your skin more vulnerable to the cold and its drying effects which already do a lot of damage by making our skin dry and more sensitive in winter.

Shower: what temperature is best for the skin?

Rest assured, that does not mean that you will have to wash yourself in cold water. The dermatologist is formal, just opt ​​for lukewarm to slightly hot water who “Is somewhere between 98º and 105ºF”, that is a temperature between 36.66 ° C and 40.55 ° C, according to your desires and your need to comfort yourself from the winter cold.

How to keep skin well hydrated after a shower?

Never skip the application of a moisturizer for the body once your skin is towel-dried after showering. A very simple but too often forgotten gesture, which is nevertheless necessary to keep skin in good health.

Our bonus tip: Also be sure to choose your shower product. A shower gel that respects the skin’s pH or is more nourishing can be a good idea to avoid over-drying your skin during the showers.

20% of people never wash this part of their body in the shower:

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