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Issued by the Family Allowance Fund, the activity bonus constitutes a boost from the State intended for people with modest incomes. Among the eligibility conditions is the amount of salary received. In other words, beyond a certain threshold, the recipient will no longer be eligible for this aid.

To help the French cope with the rising cost of living, theState puts in place several aids. Some measures aim in particular to provide financial support to families, as is the case with the birth bonus, for example. Others are intended to help the most modest households, such as the active solidarity income (RSA), some payments of which are postponed this year. Among these social minima is also the activity bonus, an aid distributed by the Family allowance fund (CIF) whose allocation conditions were reviewed in 2023.

As a reminder, the activity bonus is allocated according to the resources and the composition of the household. As its name suggests, this boost ofState is intended for people who exercise a professional activity. Those who meet the eligibility criteria can thus receive aid, the amount of which can reach €590 per month.

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A variable amount depending on the household

This monthly lump sum varies according to the recipient’s situation. Thus, it can for example be increased if the latter is in a couple or if he is a parent with one or more children. Conversely, when a household benefits from other social benefits, the amount of the activity bonus may in this case be reduced. When performing a simulation on the Caisse d’allocation familial website (CIF), it is therefore necessary to declare any alimony from which you may benefit. It is important to note that all household resources are taken into account in order to know if you are authorized to receive the activity bonus.

Depending on the composition of the household, the maximum salary not to be exceeded in order to receive this the state varied. Thus, for a single person without children and who does not receive housing allowance, the amount of the salary not to be exceeded is 1885€. If you live as a couple without children and only one member of the household is in professional activity, the household income must not exceed the amount of 2636€ per month. The same condition applies for persons considered as a single parent with a dependent child. Finally, a working couple with two children must not receive more than 3959€ per month in order to benefit from the activity bonus. This is obviously an amount given for information only. To ensure your eligibility for this aid, you should therefore go to the website of the CIF to perform a simulation.

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