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The payment of the Christmas bonus will be made on December 15, 2022. Who will be able to benefit from it and what is the minimum amount received? Answer in this article.

2.3 million households are affected by the Christmas bonus this year. A sum which will be paid on December 15, 2022. This aid is reserved for the most modest households, to recipients of social minima (RSA, ASS, AER). There will be no steps to take to receive this bonus. No need to make a request to the Family Allowance Fund, its mutual insurance company or Pôle emploi. You just need to be eligible.

The amount has not changed since 2009: 152.45 euros for a single person in metropolitan France and the overseas departments, and 76.22 euros for Mayotte. Here are the social benefits you must receive to benefit from it:

  • RSA: the active solidarity income is reserved for the most precarious people, aged over 25, who receive very few resources. Its fixed amount for a single person is 565 euros, if the recipient does not receive housing allowances of the APL type.
  • ASS: the specific solidarity allowance concerns unemployed people at the end of their rights whose resources do not exceed a ceiling. It is also necessary to have exercised a professional activity for five years during the ten years preceding the end of the last employment contract.
  • Lump-sum bonus for resumption of activity
  • AER: this social benefit is no longer granted, and this, since January 1, 2011! The pension equivalent allowance was intended for job seekers who have not yet reached the legal retirement age, but who have acquired enough quarters for a full pension.

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What are the amounts?

Be aware that there may be a delay before receiving the bonus. Some will receive it a few days after December 15 when others will have to wait until January 2023. Since 2009, the amounts of the Christmas bonus have remained unchanged. They depend on your social situation and, possibly, on your family situation. Here is the list of Christmas bonus amounts:

  • 152.45 euros: single person
  • 228.67 euros: single person with 1 child or person in a couple without children
  • 274.41 euros: single person with 2 children or person in a couple with 1 child
  • 320.14 euros: person in a couple with 2 children
  • 335.39 euros: single person with 3 children
  • 381.12 euros: person in a couple with 3 children
  • 396.37 euros: single person with 4 children
  • 442.10 euros: person in a couple with 4 children

If you want to do a simulation, ask your Caf or Pôle emploi.


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