What is the neighbor allowed to do and what not?: Attorney Christopher Posch explains disputes

What is the neighbor allowed to do and what not?
Attorney Christopher Posch explains disputes

Christopher Posch is in the new episodes of “Verklag mich noch!” to see.

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Arguments between neighbors happen every day and often end up in court. Lawyer Christopher Posch (47) explains which rights and rules apply between neighbors using long-standing issues such as smoking or disturbing the peace. The 47-year-old has already appeared in various court shows and TV programs such as “Christopher Posch – I fight for your rights”. From October 2nd he will be on RTL weekdays at 5 p.m. in the new episodes of “Verklag mich Doch!” to see.

Can I smoke in my apartment?

Christopher Posch: Unless the rental agreement or house rules state otherwise, you are allowed to smoke in your apartment. For example, it is important to ensure regular ventilation and not disturb third parties. The rule of mutual consideration applies.

What can I do if my neighbor doesn’t mow his lawn and that bothers me?

Posch: Unfortunately you have to find your inner center. As long as your property is not affected by this, you unfortunately have to accept this, as it is the neighbor’s property.

What can I do if my neighbor insults and bullies me?

Posch: If you are insulted, you can file a complaint because this is a criminal offense.

Can my neighbor constantly have parties that last into the night?

Posch: The neighbor can party as long as he wants, he just has to adhere to the statutory rest times. Every good neighborhood can certainly tolerate one or two more extravagant parties, but if it goes on every week, then you should have a clarifying conversation.

Can my neighbor make structural changes to the house that bother me?

Posch: Yes, as long as he does so within the framework of the legal regulations, he is allowed to do so. You then have to accept this, even if it disturbs your personal aesthetics.


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