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Lovers of docuseries, this magnificent report available on Netflix should deliver you the biggest secrets of our furballs.

Netflix continues to expand its catalog of new films, documentaries and series. If the day of the big releases of the company at N rouge is rather Friday, the streaming platform sometimes makes exceptions to the rule. On this Wednesday, June 22, subscribers will be able to discover Snowflake Mountain, a reality show in which ten young people are sent out into the wild to live a rough experience, far from mom and dad. For those who prefer to embark on a beautiful romantic story, the film Love & Gelato should please you. It recounts Lina’s stay in Rome during the summer preceding her entrance to university.. A new experience that will allow him to meet love, adventure and the delight of ice cream.

On the series side, this June 22 is marked by the long-awaited season 3 of The Umbrella Academy : After stopping a new apocalypse, the Hargreeves will find that their adoptive father has replaced them with a new team of fearsome superheroes… Finally, if none of this particularly catches your attention, we are sure that the documentary In the shoes of our animals will make you crack! What exactly is it about?

In the shoes of our animals : Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey) chosen as docuseries narrator

According to statistics given by the Ministry of Agriculture, one out of two French households welcomes at least one pet. Dogs seem to have been beaten to the title of man’s best friend, since more than 14 million cats live in our homes, against nearly 8 million dogs. Whether you have a pet or not, you know how much to look at images of dogs, cats, rabbits or any small living being brings balm to the heart.

besides you reveal unknown facets of the personality of our pets, the Netflix documentary promises to reveal the latest scientific discoveries about the senses and abilities of our animal friends. We will finally Find out what animal superpowers are!

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