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There are multiple ways to make love and penetration is one of them. Want to change up your routine a bit? Try suction penetration, which promises intense pleasure.

Sex has often been reduced to penetration. However, it represents only one option of making love among very many others. No need for penetration to have sex: friction, foreplay, games with sex toys… sexuality is unique to each and everyone and not everyone finds pleasure in the same practices. If you like so-called “traditional” penetration or “still” penetration, whether you are being penetrated or your partner, then you may like what is called suction penetration. What is that ? This is a technique that brings as much pleasure to both partners, whether the penetration takes place through the vagina or the anus. This gives you sensations that change from those caused by friction penetration (traditional back and forth).

“We often think of penetration as a one-way act, with only one person going in and out. This means that one person is active, while the other is rather passive. Thinking of penetration as a two-way action is the one of the most impactful changes we can make, especially if you don’t like penetration that much,” says Aaron on his sex expert account Kama.lab.

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How to practice suction penetration?

This is not the easiest practice to implement. But if the desire drives you (you and your partner), then you will succeed. Aspiration involves the looking for a sensation of “sucking”. Not easy. According to sex expert Aaron who runs the Kama.lab account on Instagram, the person penetrating needs to use their hips to circle when penetrating the other. It is necessary to remain very close to his or her partner to seek together the “suction”, the feeling of aspiration. The expert indicates that the penetrated person will feel more sensations of pleasure, but also the person who penetrates. This technique requires complicity but also communication because the duo must find a very intense pleasure together. Both are actors and on the “same level”. The pleasure is increased tenfold because everyone goes with their hips to feel a maximum of sensations. Do you want to test?

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