what is this new “infidelity special” feature?

A new feature is coming to the Tinder dating app, and it may be of use to a lot of people …

Summer is coming, deconfinement continues and for some, the urge to flirt intensifies. If you use dating apps, you can’t miss the jug juggernaut: Tinder. Everyone (or almost) is there! And that is the problem. If you are looking for extra-marital contact, how do you avoid running into your loved one (but soon deceived)? Or, more simply, how to be sure not to meet your colleague Sandrine, your uncle Jean-Yves, your ex or your mother (“Mum?!”)? This issue worried a lot of people since according to Tinder, “78% of people we surveyed said they prefer not to be seen by or see some of their contacts in the app.”.

So a new feature is coming soon. It will create a sort of blacklist of your contacts, who will not be able to see you on the app and whom you will not be able to cross paths with. The feature is not yet available on all smartphones but will be rolled out gradually to all users.

Why do we already like this feature? Because it not only allows you to avoid meeting people from your family, from your job but also, to reveal your sexual preferences and / or your gender identity to your loved ones if you do not want it, especially in the case of of LGBTQI + people.
If Tinder is currently the only dating application to offer this, many other applications exist and claim a more “secure” dating mode, whether in terms of sexual preferences, or so as not to be ghosted. We wish you great encounters!

Mathilde Wattecamps

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