What is this phenomenon that encourages meetings for singles in spring?

Don’t they say that spring is the season of love? According to the results of a new study conducted by the dating site Badoo, this myth is actually very real. In fact, 74% of singles would take advantage of the positive effects of this season to meet their soul mate, we call it Blue sky dating.

Single, are you open to meeting new people in the hope of finding the one who will share your life? Know that the spring season is renowned for being that of love and passion. As the sunny days slowly return, the air warms, the flowers bud, and the days get longer, it’s the ideal time to open up and meet new people. It is in this context that the dating site, Badoocarried out a study on the effects of spring in the love lives of single people looking for love.

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Conducted in 2023 among its subscribers on its platform, the dating company highlighted the appearance of a new trend. If you have already been introduced to the Benjamin Franklin method, which consists of making a person love or appreciate you from your first meeting, it is the turn of this new phenomenon to blossom: Blue sky dating. But what exactly is this phenomenon? We’ll explain!

Spring: dating season

According to the results of the study carried out on singles on the platform, spring would have much more beneficial effects on romantic encounters than we think. In fact, 74% of them indicate that this flower season is favorable for the search for love. A statement which confirms what half of them think by indicating that, on the contrary, the autumn and winter seasons are poorer in terms of romantic encounters.

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A situation which undoubtedly comes from the fact that 37% of singles who participated in the study indicate that they feel a drop in morale during these colder months while a third indicate that they are much happier in the middle of the spring season. Rising morale is generally synonymous with openness, but not only that! 40% of those questioned say that they want to look their best and take care of themselves during this spring season. A state of mind more favorable to love.

Blue sky dating: what exactly is it?

If the return of sunny days makes you want to enjoy and meet new people, it is also the time to do a major cleaning. Not just in your home, but also in your love life! This is what the Blue sky dating : analyze your love life and make the appropriate decisions relating to it. According to dating and relationship coach Persia Lawson, now is the time to make the big move.spring cleaning your love life“. Initially, the specialty simply advises putting an end to unnecessary meetings and matches. She explains, if for example you have been ghosted by one of your suitors or he hasn’t given you any news for months, it’s time to delete him from your life and social networks!

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We’re starting a whole new chapter! A chapter which also opens with big decisions, if you realize that the qualities you are looking for are not there, move on, advises the expert. No need to waste time or invest too much. But above all, stay the course and keep your morale up! If this person has behaved badly, you have to tell yourself that it is a blessing in disguise since you will have saved time, energy, but also and above all a certain mental serenity.

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