what magic coloring for my child?


Both fun and educational, magic coloring is a service for overwhelmed parents while intelligently entertaining children. We sorted it out so that you find the ones that best suit the needs and needs of your little ones, read on!

In these very special times of confinement and educational continuity, we are more than ever looking for activities that will not only entertain our children for more than 5 minutes, but will also bring them – or at least consolidate – certain knowledge. This is where magical coloring comes in, which will never have deserved their name as much as it will allow you to occupy your offspring intelligently while you manage telework, household chores or other children's homework. And yes it is possible!
And of course you can continue to use these magic coloring pages after this quarantine is over, for example to reduce your children's daily screen time and distract them during weekends and holidays.

How does magic coloring work?

Rest assured, the principle of magic coloring is obviously very simple: the drawing is divided into different boxes, in each of which there is for example a letter that your child will have to recognize or a calculation operation that he will have to perform. As an answer, each box should be colored the right way following a color code, for example yellow for the letter “B” or pink for an addition with a result of 10.
These drawings will take multiple forms: a princess, a pirate, a ladybug, a rainbow… All childish themes that can please your little one, like a traditional coloring. You can also select them according to certain key moments of the year with, for example, magical Christmas, Halloween, Easter coloring pages or to celebrate the arrival of winter or spring.
Most of these magic coloring pages can be printed for free but some can also be done online, like some from the software site Educatif.fr.

A magic coloring to recognize colors

Because some children, especially in Small section and Medium section, do not yet fully master the different colors, we can bet on easy magic coloring such as those available on Lulu la taupe.com for example which will allow them to consolidate these concepts.
For the older children in primary school, we can offer them to learn the colors in english in a fun way, with in particular these three coloring pages offered by the Apprendre Réviser Mémoriser.fr site.

A mathematical magic coloring

  • To learn numbers

For kindergarten students, there are many magic coloring pages that will lead them to recognize the different numbers, then numbers, and even to count on drawn fingers, as proposed by the Les Coccinelles.fr website. Smart!

here are some magic coloring pages to learn numbers to be printed. They are classified by increasing difficulty, from 8 to 12.
To recover them, right click on the one of your choice, "save the image as" and print it from your computer.

You can hide or cut the solution image so that your child is surprised by the end result


  • To review the calculations

Mathematical magic coloring pages exist for each class in order to perform increasingly complex calculations according to their level. Thus, from CP to CE1, we can revise additions and subtractions, with difficulties staggered so as never to discourage the children. The Hugo l'escargot and Les Coccinelles.fr sites, for example, provide sums with results below 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, etc.

here are some magic coloring to revise additions and subtractions to be printed.
To recover them, right click on the one of your choice, "save the image as" and print it from your computer.


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From CE2, you can revise your multiplication tables with magic coloring pages which each target a particular table, or play with division and the principle of multiples thanks to the coded coloring pages offered by the Tête à modeler.com site. The latter also does not forget the geometry with models that allow recognize shapes more and more complex: triangle, rectangle, rhombus but also trapezoid and hexagon.

A magic coloring to revise French

  • To recognize letters

From kindergarten, you can offer a magic coloring to your child so that he recognizes different capital letters, but also a little later, the script and cursive script, thanks for example to the models on the site School Games.net.

Here are 20 magic coloring pages to revise letters to be printed.
To recover them, right click on the one of your choice, "save the image as" and print it from your computer.



  • To revise the spelling

For elementary classes, there are magic coloring targeted on the spelling, with for example the location and the good association of some sounds or the recognition of silent letters, such as those of Educative Software.fr.

  • To revise grammar

Very complete, the games at école.net and Le petit journal des profs.com sites offer many magical coloring pages intended to consolidate grammar skills, for all levels for the first, and more particularly for CE2, CM1 and CM2 for the second.
Conjugations, nature of words, gender and number, but also types of sentences, vocabulary and notions of homonyms: they don't forget anything!
You will also find some models on the following sites: iEducatif.fr, Coloriage.info and Buzz2000.com.

A magic coloring for the older ones

And because the magic coloring has no age limit, we can share these two models special geography posted on Educatif.fr software with his college and even high school children – for a personal challenge, try to color them too!

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