What men regret most after a breakup

Do you think you're the only one suffering after a breakup? If you are not mistaken …

It's no secret that most men don't know much about love affairs – just like most women. Therefore, unfortunately, many of them often only see clearly and recognize what was going on in their relationship when it is too late: After the breakup! As a non-representative, private survey of numerous unsuspecting men showed, most of them regret the following things in particular after they let go of a dream woman – or "actually such a great woman". And between us: it could be that women find themselves in it too …

5 things men regret when they let you go

1. Taken for granted

Most people are probably familiar with the phenomenon that they only really appreciate something or someone after they have lost him or her. Men often go through something similar after a breakup. Suddenly they realize how special and valuable it was that their partner listened to them, paid them attention or cuddled with them. They realize that it is not natural to have someone who is always there without making any conditions, simply out of love. Well that hurts. And one can only hope that the pain teaches them to appreciate and be grateful for what they have in their next partner in the future – and that we may be that next partner to someone else.

2. Too little invested

Many of the men we interviewed reported that they went out of their way to look after their ex in the early stages and to get together at all. But then in the relationship they apparently gave up badly. No more sweet tokens of love, no creative dates, far too little attention and interest that they have shown their now exes. It would have been so easy – but unfortunately it's too late now.

3. Set wrong priorities

It often seems to take a while for men to realize that someone you love should always be a priority. In any case, some apparently have to experience a breakup before they are ready. After all, the fact that buddies, jobs, hobbies and draft beer are less important than your partner may be difficult to get on the chain. But once they understand it, a great deal is gained.

4. Lack of empathy

In principle, you can't ask for constant empathy from anyone – after all, most have so much to do with themselves that they cannot always respond to others. But when they think about their painfully missed ex-relationship, the majority of the gentlemen we interviewed wish they had been more sensitive and attentive, paid more attention to the needs of their partner and occasionally made the effort to take their perspective in order to to understand them better. That would probably have changed a lot …

5. Expected too much

It is precisely when they become aware of their own missteps that some men realize that they expected far too much from their ex in return and were far too easily offended if she did not meet their expectations. It should give them space, but also be there whenever they need it. Should only be interested in you, but please don't be jealous if you looked after someone else. Of course you can and should have expectations of a relationship – but only those that you meet yourself.