What problems do you have in a healthy relationship?

There are always problems – in life as in love. Some of them are warning signs that should tell us that it would be better to take a different path. Many are opportunities to try us out and learn. And some problems are even indications that, on the whole, we are doing everything right – for example the following.

If you have these relationship problems, you have a healthy partnership

1. You just can't always do everything together.

Sometimes you got fed up with each other? No reason to worry! Relationships need distance and people need space. Constantly squatting on each other, having the same friends and doing everything together is rather unusual for healthy relationships. Doing something separate from your partner or having the need to be on your own is completely normal and nothing you have to try to change.

2. You argue.

Of course, it depends on how and what is disputed. If disputes z. B. degenerate into violence or aggressive behavior, are one-sided or triggered by trifles, this is questionable and certainly a warning signal! But apart from that, it is primarily a sign of trust to deal openly with conflicts in a relationship. If you argue with your partner and tell him straightforward (or, depending on your temperament …) what disrupts, hurts or is important enough for you to deal with, you have to open yourself up and automatically make yourself vulnerable. In addition, disputes signal that the arguments rely on being able to tolerate each other again and that their relationship can withstand disputes. So do not force yourself and confidently keep breathing out your anger!

3. You are jealous.

You hate when your darling explains the way to a stranger in a very friendly way? Or told about a nice lunch with his colleague? Don't worry, jealousy is completely normal to a certain extent. When we love someone, we want to have them all to ourselves and are always a little bit afraid of losing them – no matter how much we trust them. As long as you can control both of your jealousy and don't drive yourself to crazy stalking measures or delusions, the feeling is annoying, but no cause for concern. Love sometimes hurts a bit.

4. You have different opinions and views.

You just can't talk about some topics because you never ever come up with a common denominator? No drama at all! Everyone has their own head, and even in a relationship they don't always have to share the same opinion. If you do not agree on everything, this shows that you are two independent personalities, do not have to bend in your partnership and can respect each other despite disagreement. So save yourself trying to change your mind or your sweetheart, and see it as a positive thing that your relationship may be free of speech.

5. Your relationship is kind of boring at times.

Everyday life returns to every relationship. But this is not a bad thing, it shows that you are well attuned to one another and familiar. In the long run, no partnership is as passionate and exciting as in the phase of falling in love. And what you know seems boring from time to time. Surely you should or can make your relationship interesting and varied in the long run: e.g. by trying out new things together, surprising each other and sometimes experiencing something separately so that you have something to talk about. But on the whole, boredom in the relationship is probably better than constant drama …?!

6. You don't want to share everything with each other.

You don't like to tell your sweetheart everything and also believe that he has secrets from you? Don't break your precious head about it. Some things you prefer to talk to your best friend or just make up with yourself for the time being. Honesty is important for a relationship, but that doesn't mean that you always have to tell everything the same way. Only if you feel there is a secret between you or you could don't tell your partner something, it would probably be better to jump over your shadow and sort it out. Otherwise, it is more about mutual trust and the health of a relationship if both parties have secrets and can keep something to themselves. But not that you get confused and forget what the other does not know – because that can then lead to a new problem …