What skills are important for a long relationship?

The secret of ever tingling love? We are still looking for! But according to studies, the following two skills are definitely beneficial.

Many romantically inclined people dream of great, lifelong love. But for quite a few, dreaming remains. Crises, daily grind, attractive people – there are stones on the way to the relationship Olympus in abundance, but only a few bonds are strong enough to skip them all together as a couple.

Relationship happiness is 50 percent in our hands

In fact, it doesn't depend on chance or fate whether our relationship will last as long as it does on us and the person by our side: Most of the skills that are required to have a long partnership can be learned. But which skills are particularly important and what should we take care of first if we want to keep the attraction and affection between us as a couple alive as long as possible? A team of scientists led by psychologist Robert Epstein also wanted to answer this question.

In two international studies with more than 25,000 test subjects, the researchers examined which properties are most important for a partnership to be happy and successful. Conflict resolution skills, self-management, dealing with stress, sexuality and a sense of romance – all these skills played a role in the study, but did not turn out to be super super superficial. Instead, two skills with a large gap proved to be indispensable, which previously occupied an underdog position even with psychologists:

  • communication (listen, share, as little criticism as possible) and
  • Knowledge of each other (know what gives the treasure joy, know preferences, take wishes seriously).

According to the study, talking to each other and knowing and knowing each other are the basic skills so that it crackles in the long term and the relationship lasts as long as possible. Actually quite practical, since the two skills are mutually dependent: if you listen carefully and actively communicate, you automatically get to know each other better and pick up hints and nuances more easily. And those who know their sweetheart and know that they can look forward to a surprise breakfast in bed on Saturday after a hard working week like a small child are promoting harmony and warm communication in the partnership. So instead of going to sports five times a week to stay in shape and attractive for the other, use the time to talk to each other and laugh – because humor, we know from other statistics, is another reliable relationship cement .

source: "The relationship compass. What scientists have found out about the secret of love and partnership", Ulrich Hoffmann, appeared on genuinely EMF.