What solutions to invest your money in the short term?

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How can I invest my savings over two or three years while beating inflation?

Since 2012, our economies have been moving between insignificant and negative rates, drying up short-term investment solutions. The upturn in inflation, which has not yet resulted in a rise in rates, has got the better of most short-term savings solutions, boosted regulated savings accounts, term accounts no longer allowing inflation to be covered at present. 2.5%.

Savers who still want to beat inflation over an investment horizon of two to three years have only a few avenues available. As surprising as it may seem, it is on the side of life insurance that some solutions can be considered.

Limit entry fees

While classic euro funds stuffed with bonds no longer cover the level of inflation, dynamic euro funds with a pocket invested in equities, or even media that focus on the promising theme of infrastructure (energy, transport, telecoms, etc.) will have the ability to provide you with a real positive return.

Be careful, however, to make an exit possible within three years, care must be taken to limit entry fees. Real estate companies (SCI) housed in life insurance can offer an alternative, provided they take advantage of promotional envelopes offering reduced entry fees.

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Finally, real estate crowdfunding consisting of co-financing construction projects with developers over two or three years is attractive. To limit the risk of default, care must be taken to rely on seasoned platforms with a zero or almost zero default rate.

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