What to do in quarantine? Ideas against bankers

Regardless of whether we are infected or not yet: If a highly contagious virus is rife, consideration and solidarity means spending as much time as possible at home and avoiding contact with people. This is unusual for all of us – but what good is it to complain about? Maybe the deceleration doesn't do us in the end just bad?! We have 16 ideas on how we can make time at home positive. Small spoiler: Unfortunately, scrolling through Instagram for hours is not included. In general, the best thing to do is to switch between different activities. Everything we do for more than four hours at a time feels like work – monotonous and exhausting

16 ideas against bankers

1. Read

Having to stay at home is a good reason to dig into one book or another. You could read Harry Potter from start to finish and be beamed back to your childhood …

2. Sport

Who needs a gym when there are so many great home workouts ?! Training with your own body weight trains coordination and improves body awareness. On YouTube, for example, Pamela Reif shows how you can keep fit in a small space and without equipment. Honestly: In August we should either plank every two minutes, stand with our legs straight and our feet closed, touch the ground with our fingers or / and be able to get up from our backs without supporting ourselves with our hands. Challenge accepted ?!

3. Write the diary

Now there is no excuse! Listen to yourself and write down what is on your soul. How are you? What are you thankful for? What is most important to you in life? Questions after questions that you can finally deal with.

4. Write a book

Or maybe you have a story in you that you want to tell? Maybe a sci-fi adventure in which a highly contagious virus breaks out and public life comes to a standstill …?

5. Watch birds and insects

Well, who's fluttering around in front of your window? Do you even know the living things around you that share our earth with us? If not, it is high time to meet them!

6. Meditate

We should all know and be able to do some meditation and breathing exercises anyway. In this respect, the temporary forced isolation is a good opportunity to find our center and to prepare for the otherwise hectic normality – because sooner or later it is guaranteed to come back.

7. Learn a language

Cómo estás? Ça va? Kak diela? Online language courses or apps like Babbel make it possible. Maybe you will also find a tandem partner whom you can teach German in return. By the way: learning the Cyrillic or Greek alphabet can't hurt either.

8. Solve the Rubik's Cube

There are supposed to be people who have already made it – maybe you will succeed this year ?!

9. Learn something impressive

How fast can you say the alphabet backwards? Or assign the letters to the corresponding numbers from 1 to 26? How hot is the core of the sun? Pro tip: Brain jogging can be combined well with jumping jacks.

10. Tweet

When was the last time you were on Twitter? On this social media channel you will find incredibly inspiring, beautiful, funny, touching thoughts! You can also get rid of what moves you there yourself – maybe you will also move others with it. It may take some time before you set up your feed so that you enjoy reading it – but that's exactly what you have enough of.

11. Make calls

Imagine that we are in quarantine and cut off from the outside world. Fortunately, we have technical options such as telephone, online chats and the like to exchange ideas with others. Maybe you could call your aunt again and ask how she is doing? Keeping distance doesn't mean doing without social contact.

12. Also clean in the corners

When was the last time you cleaned behind your bed? It's spring time anyway – why not organize an extra careful spring cleaning this year? Guaranteed to put you in a good mood!

13. Sexually discover yourself

Of course, the sex life in isolation doesn't have to be neglected either! Why are there high quality sex toys, sex fantasies and erotic stories? In the fall, each of us should really know how best to get there. Deal?!

14. Painting / drawing / crafting

Draw what you see when you look out the window! Or get yourself a book to learn how to draw properly. Maybe there is an artist in you who you don't know about yet. If that's too "flat" for you: knitting, weaving, embroidery, sewing, handicrafts – what you can't do everything …

15. Healthy cooking

Enough time + a lot at home = THE opportunity to eat really healthy and clean! No canteen food, no fast food, just homemade dishes with lots of vegetables and little powder. What do you think your body will be happy about ?!


If you are at home a lot, you should ventilate regularly. It is best to ventilate for 10 to 15 minutes three to four times a day. Good for your home, for your mood and your immune system.