what to do when he is bored?

“I’m bored”, “lazy” … Your teenager is going around in circles at home? Here are some tips and ideas for activities to keep him busy and avoid boredom.

Between confinements, holidays, long weekends, it is not always easy for a teenager to keep busy, and this, without taking a look at screens and social networks. Before offering you several ideas to overcome boredom, it is important to review the meaning of this emotion.

What is boredom?

To put it simply, boredom is an emotion that you feel. It is caused by a lack of activity or stimulation. It is also explained by the fact of getting tired of monotony. It therefore describes itself as a feeling of weariness. As a result, a bored person tends to run in circles, be in a bad mood, and may even appear depressed. Fortunately, boredom is a passing emotion that can be totally cured.

What are the signs of boredom?

Among the most frequent signs of boredom, we find in particular lassitude, the urge to do nothing, depression, bad mood or irritation. A feeling felt by more and more people, whether in their professional or personal life. A term has also emerged: “the bore-out” – from English to bore, “bored”, like “burn-out”, known to be a syndrome of professional exhaustion. To overcome this feeling of boredom, it is advisable to talk about it around you, to put words into this feeling and above all, there are several activities to take care of the mind and body.

What activities can you offer a bored teenager?

Are you looking for activities that will keep your teenager happy? Lucky for you, there is a plethora of them. Among the activities that are most recommended is cooking. Indeed, cooking or baking allows to occupy the mind, and especially to provide a feeling of satisfaction after realization. It is also advisable to:

  • Leave your home for a walk
  • Take part in a sports activity
  • Go to the theater, (if it’s open, we’ll grant you that)
  • Watch a series / movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime
  • Sorting in your wardrobe à la Marie Kondo
  • To read a book
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Create a podcast
  • Prepare a travel plan in advance or go on an adventure

You will understand that the list of things to do is long and must correspond to the passions of each personality.

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How to occupy a teenager without screens?

First of all, if you notice that your child is bored, it is advisable to discuss it with him and to take stock of his moral state and the causes of this feeling of weariness. Then, you can offer it several options, while avoiding putting it in front of a screen. It is recommended to discuss with your teenager about his passions or curiosities in terms of sports for example. You can also organize with him an evening with friends, or a walk in the forest, in the city or by the sea, if you have the possibility. Be careful, however, it is important not to be behind your child’s back, this could upset him more. We therefore recommend that you listen to it, while staying in the background.

Why is boredom good for your health?

While this feeling may not be pleasant for everyone – depending on individual personalities – boredom is a very good medicine. Indeed, it allows the brain, for a moment, to slow down. The goal ? Digest past moments, tame what is happening and mentally prepare for the rest. Moreover, letting your mind wander would also allow room for creativity and therefore move away from monotony.

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