What to do with the old hair dryer? It can now be handed in at the supermarket

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What to do with the old hair dryer? It can now be handed in at the supermarket

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Good news: Small defective electronic devices can be handed in at the supermarket

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July 1, 2022

E-waste can now be handed in when shopping

Who doesn’t know it, the hair dryer gives up the ghost and the toaster just doesn’t produce any crispy slices of bread anymore – but what to do with the old devices now? From July 1, 2022, it will be much easier for consumers to dispose of used electronic devices. From Friday, these can simply be handed in at supermarkets and discounters – regardless of whether they were bought there.

The background is a new version of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act that was passed last year. However, there are a few restrictions, so you should first inquire whether the supermarket on the corner really accepts your old hair dryer.

  • The supermarkets must have more than 800 square meters of retail space.
  • The markets themselves have to sell electrical and electronic equipment several times a year or continuously (to meet this requirement, electric toothbrushes on offer are enough).
  • The old devices must be of a certain size. The edge length must not be more than 25 centimeters. This means that items such as a kettle, razor, but also a smartphone are allowed.
  • The obligation to take back is limited to three devices per device type.
  • Large devices can only be taken back if the customer buys a new device of the same type.

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