What to do with toilet paper rolls ?


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Exit overconsumption and long live recycling. You will see that it is possible to make beautiful decorative objects and toys for children with toilet paper rolls.

No need to throw away your toilet paper rolls, once they’re done, and all the cardboard is left, reuse them. As amazing as it may sound, recycling these rolls has many benefits and can let your creativity run wild.

The benefits of recycling toilet paper rolls

Among the primary benefits of recycling toilet paper rolls is the concept of upcycling. This consists of reducing expenses, reusing objects and transforming them into accessories or decorative objects. In addition to being a good practice for the planet, you will save money. Another advantage, thanks to these rollers, it is possible to use your imagination and creativity at a lower cost. It also makes it possible to occupy children in creative workshops.

What can you create with toilet paper rolls?

How about tinkering with some accessories and objects with toilet paper rolls? Fortunately, there are many inspirations to find the best creative ideas. Among the creations that appeal the most to children, we find in particular:

  • Binoculars with two rolls of toilet paper
  • Small cars: it is possible to decorate them with paint and stickers
  • Colorful animals
  • Halloween monsters
  • A windmill

Decoration: what can be done with toilet paper rolls?

For older children, it is also possible to reuse toilet paper rolls to create different decorative objects – to then place in their interior. Here they are :

  • Cardboard flowers
  • Lanterns
  • An advent calendar
  • A phone holder
  • A pencil holder
  • Suspensions

How to make a flower with toilet paper rolls?

Do you want to make a flower from toilet paper rolls, but you prefer to opt for an easier version to start? Do not panic. We have the tutorial for you. For that, you will need:

  • Several rolls of toilet paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Colorful paint
  • A wooden skewer
  • Glue

The steps to follow to make a flower with toilet paper rolls:
1 / Paint the toilet paper rolls (use a spray paint, it will save you time).
2 / Let the rollers dry.
3 / Once the rolls are dry, cut cardboard strips with a pair of scissors. To do this, simply flatten the roll and cut it crosswise.
4 / Then using a stapler, fix the strips together to form a flower.
5 / Finally, add glue at the top of a wooden skewer pick and fix the pick in the center of the flower. Let the glue dry. And voila !

As you will have understood, toilet paper rolls can be used for many creations and can even become recycled toys for children. It is also the best way to keep children occupied and to use their creativity. Now over to you!

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