What to give when you move in: Here are the best gift ideas

What do you give when you move in?
Beautiful ideas that are guaranteed to bring joy

What do you give when you move in? We will show you gifts with which you can calmly please acquaintances, friends or family members who have just moved.

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What do you give when you move in? We’ll help you along the way and show you gifts that you can use to make your acquaintances, friends or family members happy about their move.

When looking for a gift for moving in, you can hardly do anything wrong, because often a lot is needed or sometimes forgotten because of the stress for the first apartment.

Even if you are looking for a housewarming gift for your loved one who is not moving for the first time, there are still many great gift ideas that every recipient will be happy about. It’s best to trust your feelings!

Some of the following housewarming gifts are classic, practical but also creative, and some of them even create a pleasant feel-good atmosphere in your new home.

Classic housewarming gifts

bread and salt

will be traditional Bread and salt to move in given. This is said to bring happiness, contentment and prosperity both materially and personally in the new home. Salt and bread symbolize the necessities of life, because there should always be enough food in the house. A lucky cent is often added to this moving-in gift.

Bouquet or potted plants

A nice housewarming gift is one of the classic housewarming gifts Bunch of flowers or a practical one houseplant. They bring color and comfort into the new apartment.


Traditional and old proven are also coupons, and they are particularly well received when they move in. Vouchers for hardware stores or furniture stores are particularly popular. The recipient can then use the voucher to buy something nice for furnishing their new home.

gifts of money

Moving is never particularly cheap. Huge amounts of money can be spent on this, be it for the large number of boxes, the Sprinter to transport the items or the helping hands that you are reluctant to send home when you are hungry and thirsty after the move.

Cash gifts for moving in are therefore particularly popular and definitely something that everyone who has just moved is happy about. With original packaging makes giving away twice as much fun!

Drink to toast

Do you know the recipient’s favorite drink? Perfect! With a glass Wine, sparkling wine, whiskey or gin you can pour the move-in together and enjoy the first hours together in the new apartment. With the right ones glasses the drink tastes even better.

Utensils for the bathroom

One toilet brush and giving away toilet paper when you move in may sound a bit strange at first, but it’s not such a bad idea. On the one hand, it doesn’t cost much, on the other hand, it is definitely needed and often forgotten when moving in. Together with one Loo Guest Book the quiet place is transformed into a creative and fun oasis.

Stylish housewarming gifts


In order to feel really comfortable in your own four walls, there should definitely not be a lack of decoration. Decoration is always great as a housewarming gift, because here and there you can still find a nice place and room for furnishing accessories to make the apartment cozier. It is best if you know roughly what the furnishings look like or which style the recipient prefers.

This is particularly good for wine lovers flamed wine rack. It is not only super practical, but also a real eye-catcher in every apartment.

Anyone who has ever moved knows that pictures are usually the last thing to be hung on the wall. In this collage the most beautiful pictures of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend can be immortalized. This always brings back wonderful memories. By simply attaching it with the help of small clothespins, the recipient can swap the pictures at any time. Super nice housewarming gift!

Household gifts

household utensils

Do you know the recipient very well and know that the household is not yet full to bursting? Excellent! Then give him something useful for the kitchen when he moves in. For example, how about one Pot or one Pan, you can always use them. And also one measuring cup or a Sieve are very practical and are often used when moving in.

Personalized gifts

Personalized housewarming gifts are also extremely popular. This includes gifts with engraving as well as those that are provided with personal photos. The best thing about housewarming gifts like this is that you can be sure that no one else is giving them like this. Personalized gifts are something special that usually always have a nice place in the new home.

Depending on your taste, some of the most popular housewarming gifts are personalized wine glasses, Beer carrier with engraving or personalized floor mats.

What do you give when you move in?

You decide what you give as a gift when you move in, because you know your acquaintances, friends and family members and can best assess what they will be most happy about when they move in.

We wish you a lot of fun giving away 🙂

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