what to remember from the chaotic opening of the Salon and the presidential announcements

Emmanuel Macron’s announcements at the Agricultural Show

Whether during a press briefing after meeting the agricultural unions or during the impromptu debate with farmers, the Head of State made several announcements on Saturday morning. Here are the main ones:

  • A “emergency cash flow plan” engaged ” from next week “

The President of the Republic spoke of a “emergency cash flow plan” to relieve farmers. “Starting next week, the ministers here present with me [de l’agriculture Marc Fesneau, et la ministre déléguée, Agnès Pannier-Runacher)]with their colleague from economics and finance [Bruno Le Maire], will bring together the banks and also all sectors to be able to implement these cash flow plans. »

“We will launch a census, in each region, of farms which are in the greatest cash flow difficulties in order to be able to support them”he added.

  • the establishment of floor prices to “protect agricultural income”

The head of state formulated the objective “so we can get out” on “floor prices which will protect agricultural income”as part of the preparation of a new law governing relations between food stakeholders.

These “floor prices” will be based on production cost indicators on which each sector (poultry, milk, beef, etc.) had to agree in order to objectify farmers’ production costs.

These indicators already exist, but are not sufficiently taken into account for beef and milk, the breeders criticize; on the other hand, taking this indicator into account is almost automatic in poultry production. “It’s the most engaging thing we’ve ever done, what we’re saying to each other.”argued Emmanuel Macron.

  • recognize agriculture as “major general interest”

Emmanuel Macron is committed to ” recognize [leur] agriculture and [leur] food as a major general interest of the French nation”.

According to the Head of State, this mention will be included in the bill on food sovereignty which must be presented on March 20 to the Council of Ministers. For Emmanuel Macron this device “will protect [leur] agriculture in a firm and solid manner ».

  • recognition of the right to make mistakes

Among multiple government commitments on the simplification of standards and the relaxation of controls, Emmanuel Macron also told farmers that he wanted to extend the “right to make mistakes” to the agricultural world, “what we have not managed to do so far”due in particular to restrictions linked to European Union law and environmental standards.

“The right to make mistakes, I think it’s also quite simple: it’s to say when I make a mistake once, they advise me, they help me to correct it. If I do it twice, it’s because I’m cheating.”he explained during a debate with farmers.

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