What to remember from the speech of Edouard Philippe

During a press conference, Edouard Philippe raised many subjects related to the coronavirus epidemic. Here's what to remember.

"This health crisis is not over. Of course we are making points, […] but we have not come out of this health crisis. […] This health crisis will lead to an economic crisis. is just beginning. And it will be brutal ", warned Edouard Philippe at the start of his press conference to give an update on the situation of the epidemic in France.

With Professor Salomon, Director General of Health, the Prime Minister made a point on the number of sick and deaths. This Sunday, France deplores 19,718 deaths since the start of the epidemic, including 12,069 in hospitals and 7,649 in nursing homes. There are 30,610 hospitalized patients, including 5,744 in intensive care, 89 fewer than the day before. "This health crisis is still killing people every day. Our compatriots are losing parents, spouses […]. And they cannot pay them proper tribute. All those who have lost loved ones know the weight of these deaths"said Edouard Philippe.

"You have noticed, like me, everywhere in France, an immense reduction in movement and a respect for confinement. This respect for confinement has produced its effects", commented Edouard Philippe, while emphasizing "the very slow decline" of the epidemic, and therefore that efforts should not be relaxed. The Prime Minister's speech was eagerly awaited, especially on the verge of deconfinement. But he announced that he would explain the measures later: "Many of those watching us would like me to go into detail on what will happen on May 11 and in the days that follow: I will not answer all these questions today. I will do so soon", he said, while warning that "Life after May 11 will not be the life we ​​knew before confinement."

On the subject of masks, which are lacking in hospital services, Edouard Philippe explained that orders were being received "thanks to an airlift set up by France." After the speech by the head of government, Olivier Véran took the floor. The Minister of Health said: "I do not deny that there are still some supply tensions on FFP2 masks". He added that it was necessary "patience" to respond to requests, and warned that, for fear of a rebound in the epidemic, it was necessary to be able to store equipment, including drugs useful in resuscitation. The Minister announced the establishment of access rights in the Ehpad from tomorrow, at the request of the resident, two people at a time and with a ban on physical contact.

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