What type of parent are you according to your astrological sign?

Some signs are made for having a large family, others are more in a cool, bohemian upbringing style. Find out with Karine Winsz, astrology coach, what type of parent you are according to your astrological sign.

Does astrology influence our role as a parent? It seems so. Indeed, depending on the signs, the methods of education and the relationship with children may change. Of course, as with everything in astrology, it also depends on your lunar sign and your ascendant. But we got interested, with Karine Winsz, astrology coach and author of several books including ” Lunar revolution “And” I realize my astral chart “to be published on May 19 by Leduc editions, with the general characteristics of parents according to their sign.

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No doubt some of you will recognize yourself through this description. If not, look to your Moon sign or Ascendant, whose features might look more like you. Moreover, the specialist reminds us that from the age of 40, it is the ascendant that takes the upper hand in terms of personality. To know it, nothing could be easier: it is calculated using your time and place of birth, because it is determined by its place in the sky when you opened your eyes for the first time. Find out here what type of parent you are according to your astrological sign.

Fire signs

The ram

Aries is a sign known for its impulsive nature. As a parent, he walks instinctively. He transmits the notion of courage to his child, and constantly seeks to boost it.


Children are their great pride. This sign is a parent who will leave a lot of freedom to his children, especially because he has access to his own pleasures. He needs to put himself forward. He will appear as a model because he is in splendor and exudes a certain joie de vivre. It transmits artistic notions and creativity.


The Sagittarius loves to travel and is rather nomadic. Thanks to this sign, children will move! Sagittarius tends to give a bohemian education. He attaches great importance to the discovery of new cultures etc. It also conveys a certain idea of ​​independence.

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Earth signs

The bull

The bull gives a traditional education to its children and is based a lot on values. For example, for this sign, meals at the table are very important times of the day, where the family is. He has a very family side but does not forget to submit instructions to be followed.

The Virgin

He is a parent who is very square and places a lot of importance on details. He likes concrete things. He wants to see his children succeed and push them in their studies. He analyzes, is very down to earth. It is mainly based on intellect and reflection.


Capricorn is associated with perseverance and patience. In general, it is parents who push children to be successful, to be ambitious. The Capricorn can however be difficult and cold, it is not in the emotion. For him, we have to get there and give himself the means.

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Air signs


A Gemini parent is a lot in communication, he has a real need for discussion. It is recognized in particular because it is a sign that is “friend”, “accomplice” with his children.

The balance

The scale is a parent in search of balance, of measurement. It is difficult to pin down because it seeks its own balance itself. He wants his child to evolve in a harmonious environment, does not put pressure and leaves some freedom. He is also against injustices and will not hesitate to defend his offspring.


Aquarius is an air sign. He is an original parent, who will often offer an education that stands out, non-traditional. It does not specifically issue rules, everything is allowed. He likes the idea of ​​a group and is likely to enroll his children in the scouts!

Water signs

The cancer

This is the most maternal sign of the zodiac, and therefore, the most predestined to have children. Cancer is based on sensitivity, it is very emotional and feels if its child is not doing well. It is above all in the feeling rather than in the verbal. He is a very protective parent, who wants to start a family and feel good with his loved ones.

The Scorpion

The scorpion is known to be passionate. This is a fairly complex and contradictory sign. As a parent, he will seek to please because he takes his role as a parent to heart. His willful side can turn against him sometimes finding himself in situations of misunderstanding or failing to achieve the expected results. A Scorpio parent can subconsciously block a particular urge emanating from their child as it is a sign that needs to be in control. Family life is likely to be less harmonious. Nevertheless, he wants to pass on his passion to his children. This is also a very insightful sign, he knows when you are lying to him.


It is a special sign in the sense that it is very mystical, receptive, sensitive and dreamy. As a parent, he wants to share his dreams and emotions with his children. It is in the imagination, in the creativity. The education he gives is not very strict. He is almost in a telepathic relationship with his child, that is, he feels what his child is feeling. He is, however, a somewhat distressed parent.

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Different feelings

According to Karine Winsz, the signs most inclined to have a family are the water signs because they are mainly related to the emotional and do not see practical problems. Aries and Aquarius, on the other hand, might not have children. They are very independent signs and do not necessarily want to take care of a child. In any case, it all depends on the interaction of the two signs (parent / child). Each person is unique with the arrangement of the planets which swings and creates personality. “We will educate our children differently because we will feel different things for each child and also this education will be related to our own personal evolution, concludes the astrology coach.

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