What was there in Munich? – The highlights of the IAA in Munich and what doesn’t fit

The big shake of the head
It must be said that the cheering for electromobility can also be seen as an overreaction to the diesel scandal. Germany is leading the way by turning away from the combustion engine, Europe is following and the world and the climate will not notice it for the time being. On the one hand because ideal circumstances are required so that e-mobiles actually have a blatant advantage over combustion engines (and only after years), on the other hand because a large part of the rest of the world cannot get along without combustion engines. Apart from the fact that umpteen new coal-fired power plants are currently being built in Asia to power the oh-so-climate-friendly electric cars. Even in parts of Europe, you can only shake your head at the move to the electric. Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and others should give up their combustion engines? Mmm, yes exactly.