What will remain of Benedict XVI?

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Joseph Ratzinger was not the “panzer-pope” that his media image gave to see. He even marked the history of modern Catholicism.

By Jerome Cordelier

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Vtwenty-three years alongside John Paul II as guardian of Catholic dogma. Then 7 years, 10 months and 9 days as Supreme Head of the Church. If he was one of the popes among the most criticized by the media throughout his pontificate, Joseph Ratzinger will inevitably go down in history. “He was the complete opposite of panzer-cardinal and German shepherd of God as many depicted him”, observes the Vaticanist of Agence France-Presse Jean-Louis de La Vaissière, author of From Benoît to François, a quiet revolution (Le Passeur editor), keen observer of the pontificate. “Benedict XVI had a gentle temperament, he was very attentive to people and sensitive to the signs of the times. In the Vatican, he was much loved for the respect he showed everyone. »

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