what will the crown look like this year?

The Miss France competition is fast approaching. In the meantime, we learn a little more about the organization of the show, starting with the form that the crown placed on the head of the lucky lady will take.

Miss France is a show awaited by the whole of France every year. In 2024, there will be thirty of them competing on Saturday December 16. They will have to try to impress the jurors, by parading before their eyes and those of millions of viewers. The latter are, every year, there to find out who will be crowned most beautiful woman in France. A title represented not only by the illustrious scarf, but also by the legendary crown which will be placed on the winner’s head. A crown that is never the same. And, in 2024, it is the Mauboussin jewelry company which will create the tiara.

Making the jewel for the competition for three consecutive years now, the French jeweler will undoubtedly dazzle us in 2024. Indeed, the tiara will be in solid silverbut less high than those of previous years, in order to apparently evoke the heroines of medieval tales. Simply named “Elegance is called France”, the crown will contrast with the more refined styles that the jewelry of 2022 and 2023 could have. A good thing, knowing that the famous house must be able to reinvent itself each year to offer a crown which has its own identity.

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The Misses prepare for the competition

While waiting for December 16, the Misses are far from resting. The candidates had, in fact, to take a general knowledge exam which seemed, this year, more complicated than expected. Some even had to answer ” randomly » to a few questions, as Miss Franche-Comté revealed when she was asked on which hand Rodin’s thinker rested his chin. Even for the one who came first, Miss Alsace, the questions were “ very sharp ». A test which therefore greatly intrigued and challenged the candidates.
All that remains is to wait until December 16 to find out who will be the Miss who will succeed Indira Ampiot.

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