What would Switzerland be without the Germans?

Around 30 percent of the Swiss population was born abroad. 26 percent have a foreign passport – of them over 300,000 have a German one. In the economics podcast “Eco on the Rocks”, the NZZ chief economist Peter A. Fischer discusses the causes and consequences with Veronica Weisser, Marco Salvi and Michael Grampp.

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In this podcast episode:

Since the introduction of the free movement of persons with the EU, the number of Germans living in Switzerland has increased significantly. However, many have recently returned to their old homeland. Their presence changed a number of things in the Confederation and helped the country to solve a number of economic problems. Still, some see immigration as a threat. How realistic are the hopes, how justified are the fears? And what did migration bring to Switzerland: more gains or losses?

In this episode of the economists podcast “Eco on the Rocks”, the NZZ chief economist Peter A. Fischer discusses immigration from an economic perspective with the chief economist at Deloitte, Michael Grampp, the labor market and migration expert at Avenir Suisse, Marco Salvi, and by UBS economist Veronica Weisser.

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