What’s wrong with New World’s Global Chat?

New World’s global chat is a huge hubbub where all conversations mingle. Players chat about different things, want to be recruited, want to buy or sell items and many more. Even if the global chat is mainly used, tabs with themes are available and players go there to be heard better. Gold, the failure of certain tabs creates a flood, because requests are published excessively hiding useful information on the chat.

The biggest “spam” in chat overall is haggling. Indeed, with the absence of a “Commerce” tab, players go to the global to buy or sell resources. Players don’t have a place to haggle with other players and the lack of a trade tab doesn’t help the endless global chat flood. We do not judge the players who discuss, on the contrary, it shows that there is life at stake, but the flood of commercial announcements does not allow to see interesting announcements for players, how in particular the launch of a “community event”.

The addition of a trade tab, would allow buyers / sellers / artisans to find themselves in a single tab. Even visually, everyone’s wishes are not well read and interesting announcements may be lost because of someone talking about their fishing line problem or another wanting to find a group for their dungeon. .

Once again, gamers are not the problem in this story, because they have no other place to create community events, discuss and exchange small talk or even to launch commercial announcements. The problem is with adding extra tabs so that players can converse in different places, instead of always being focused on the same one.

During the end of the year celebrations, some were able to appreciate the dishes that Andy Lunique had prepared. These wonders have made salivate the community and the developers have not remained indifferent to these dishes.

Tanks clearly do not have glory in New World when it comes to PvP and the developers have taken the floor to discuss this issue which affects some of the players.

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